Over 30 million Galaxy S III sold

Tech-giant Samsung’s flagship device, the Samsung S III, has surpassed the 30 million mark in sales, just five months since its release. According to the company, the unit is one of the fastest selling smartphones in the world.

The South Korean company is the largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world and said that the S III is selling at a much faster pace than its predecessor. Samsung launched the device last May, ahead of many competitors, and has fueled record profits for the company. Aside from smartphones, Samsung is also enjoying great response to its tablet device, the Galaxy Note II. Over 3 million units of the Note II have been shipped across the globe.

Seventy-percent of the company’s 3rd quarter profits came from its line of cameras, computers, and mobile devices. Experts estimate Samsung will sell around 67 million devices from October to December, especially boosted by the Christmas season. The company also outsold rival Apple which had 26.9 million in sales from the July-September period compared to Samsung’s 56.3 million.

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  1. Christian Rene Friborg says:

    I am currently using Samsung SII and I’m thinking if I should upgrade it to Samsung SIII? Do you think it is practical? Or should I buy the new iPhone 5?